Workshops within Respond Academy

Heres a little look at some of our workshops, various projects and subjects, never the less showing the enthusiasm and motivation of the local young people.
Above; TRASH CANNES WORKSHOP; here the young people had a chance to test out their filming skills and learn about film production. Overall a great turn out and a fun evening for all.
Below; PIER FOCUS WORKSHOP; This involved many of the local young people discussing the future of the pier, whilst also utilizing their creative side to express their ideas.
GIRLZWHAT!!! is a workshop based ALL FEMALE group put together by some local women and young mums that wish to support educate and help guide young females in the local area to be confident in them selves by experiencing new things/people…
Our workshops cover areas of self help and well being, educational discussions around sexual health and relationships…..
we also offer the chance for creative arts to be explored, poetry drawing/painting, sewing skills, also singing and dancing….
Its a great chance for women/girls from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds to mingle and share life stories or generally just get to know one another……

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