Getting involved

As many know we are always getting involved with many community events including the not so fun ones like seminars, despite not being ‘fun’ our young people just love to get involved…….
The 27th September 2014, Respond Academy and our young people were invited by People In Harmony to ST Margaret’s house, Bethnal Green, to attend the MIXED RACED AND EDUCATION seminar, raising levels of educational achievement for mixed raced pupils. Three of our young people were able to attend the event, which they positively took in their stride.
Find a letter of thanks to People In Harmony from Respond Academy here.

If this year wasn’t full of celebration already what with it being our ten year anniversary, WE ONLY GONE GOT US AN AWARD ASWELL!!!

To add to the number of awards we have gained over years Hasting Youth Awards have again recognized our hard work and commitment to our community and its young people in particular.

Some said it couldn’t be done…. working with those that most wont… but Respond Academy have done it and are continuing to do so.

Turning negative to positive, making something out of what once was labelled as nothing… LEGENDS ARE MADE.

What a month.. the tenth month of our tenth anniversary and our second award. Gratefully received from the SPARKS AWARD who help us also access invaluable training for our staff. This was our second year nominated, bringing us the EQUALITY & INCLUSION ACHIEVEMENT.

Sadly only runner up position, but never the less we are still just as proud of our work and that of the young people that positively thrive in our setting.

And i must say it was a shame not to see our young people performing their chosen work for the event, maybe for next year (2015) a limit of one performance per project would provide enough time for all groups to include themselves in the grand scheme of things….. nobody likes to be made to feel part of an “out group” when they are somewhat being encouraged to be part of the “in group”. Nevertheless we are extremely grateful for the recognition and celebration for our work, and send many thanks to SPARKS AWARDS for the runner up certificate.

1st of Many

1st of many has been held over a series of dates and venues providing some excellent musical listening. many big names have been involved including Trevor watts, Deepak ram, Nana tsiboe and much much more. This experience offers more than just great musical entertainment, it has given people the opportunity to enjoy unity through the common interest/love of the music.


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