Michelle Mungeni

Hi There I'm Michelle I have been a member of Respond Academy for 4 years now as a General Assistant, I do admin, website, vocal tutoring, piano, photography and many more.  
My passion is singing and drama and would love to be a west end performer in the future. At the moment I am in work, and also doing my song writing and tutoring.  
While at Respond I have learnt a lot of things, including how to teach, how to design posters, and how to do admin. My confidence has also grown a lot since I have been here and I am very grateful for all the things I have learnt.  
Favourite Quote 
"I have not failed, I have just found 10'000 ways that will not work" Thomas A. Edison  
What I have learned so far on my journey is something I would not replace for anything, Respond Helped me find strength and my own character. I used to rely on other people to tell me what i was doing and i couldn't make decisions for myself, while at respond they taught me to take charge and how to be a good leader. now i am teaching youths the same lessons that were taught to me. The courage that they gave me was immense, I constantly told myself that i couldn't do something, but they had enough faith in me to push me forward, and because of that faith they had in me i am now able to push myself to do things that i never thought possible before. 
Including being a volunteer and peer mentor and all those other things, I have also been in various shows outside Respond. I have performed in high quality shows as part Hepkin Theatre Company, including Little Shop of Horrors, Godspell, Children of Eden, Jesus Christ Superstar and many more. I have also had the privilege of performing on stage with West End stars as part of the Magic of The Musicals Choir. 
As for what the immediate future holds, I'm planning to be in africa in 2016 February and am going to be doing a mini series about life in Africa - Zimbabwe called Rumor vs Reality!  On the other hand I plan to start making waves in the music industry, writing my own songs and performing so watch this space! 
Michelle's Photography Works - 
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Gabi Leonardi Photoshoot 


Princesses Photoshoot 

Aurora - Jade Vause Snow White - Bobbi Jo Sutton Snow White - Bobbi Jo Sutton Rupunzel - Sarah Coleman Belle - Kelcie Black Belle - Kelcie Black

Magic Of The Musicals  

Magic Of The Musicals - Adam Hepkin Magic Of The Musicals - Andy Rose Magic Of The Musicals - Jordan Standell Magic Of The Musicals - Zoe Doano

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