Hey there :) I’m lucy, a 27 year old single mum to a boy of 5, I have been a volunteer for respond academy for the last 3 years but have known them like family for over 10 years.
In the time I’ve been here at respond I have been involved in many of the projects, as well as the day to day running. All of which have been an enlightening and educational experience.
But as far as passion and dreams are concerned GIRLZWHAT is a big part of them. Our aim is to promote well being and positive attitudes towards them selves and relationships, to be aware of the unseen/negative influences that could result in an unsafe situation for them selves.
We provide a safe comfortable environment for young women of 11 to the older generation, including young mums. We spend a few hours each month taking part in activities such as creative writing, self help, well being classes and cook up meets where we share dishes cooked from home. Along with the diversity of cultures in the group, it provides a beautiful mix of flavors, not to mention the chance to try new things…… on the flip side we also like to have the occasional discussion around sexual health and relationship building, give a chance for those who wish, to share experiences of past or present, that the group may provide support, and then encourage positive coping strategies.
GIRLZWHAT was launched 2 years ago with great support from MP Amber Rudd, local press and many wonderful peeps from the neighborhood, following our launch we presented a number of workshops through the summer months which to great success landed us at Westminster Houses Of Parliament to input our ideas towards their inquiry on underage pregnancy.
I have huge excitement for the future of GIRLZWHAT! And the positives it will provide. 
Pictured below GirlzWhat @ The House of Commons 

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