As many of you know Roots Manuva is a rapper and hip hop legend, he grew up around Stockwell in London, He spent much of his early life in poverty, this and his strict Pentecostal upbringing had an influence on his music as can be heard in many of his tracks such as "Sinny Sin Sins" and "Colossal Insight"
With Hits like 'Slime & Reason' #22 in UK Charts 2008, 'Brand New Second Hand' Certified BPI: Silver and 'Run Come Save Me' Certified BPI: Gold, we are excited and honoured that he has chosen to become our Patron, we hope that this inspires the youth in Hastings to achieve great things. 
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Evan 'Hazey' Holman said of the visit:

I was shocked that Roots wanted to listen to my tune and hear about what I was doing, I've been listening to him since I was young, he was one of the first British artists I listened to and he inspired me to create music, meeting him is such a honour. I'm excited to see him again and listen to more of his advice. The video I did with KneeCap Media and Sunni was a spur of the moment thing, it turned out really well, and then having people interested in it as well was icing on top of the cake. 
Evan is 18 and is currently studying at college, he has been attending Respond From a young age doing his music, learning how to write lyrics, how to use the vocal booth etc... We are excited to see big things happen with this Talented young artist. 

Peace & Love 
Respond Team


Its joyful time of year again and Respond would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been part of the journey so far, its been an interesting year and we've had ups and downs but we are coming out 2015 stronger and are moving on to bigger better things! We hope that you will carry on supporting us as we enter and stay in 2016 for another 12 months! Thank you again and we hope you have a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year

RESPOND ACADEMY 2012 -2015 © A Christmas  Card   by Artist; Joe Bell   My Concept  ;

Pablo & Jc asked me if I would like to design a special Christmas card for Respond in November 2012 .

Pablo & Jc have both helped me out since 2004 with my education & personal issues; they are very encouraging with anything that

comes into my mind in terms of my artistic ideas & help push me to make it real.

I wanted a Christmas card that would demonstrate what Respond meant to me personally & how I could make other people

understand the importance of the work that Pablo & Jc have continued to do for   numerous young people in the community. I

thought I should share some of my own ideas with members aged from 11-25  & add their thoughts into the card.

My initial idea was supported by members, showing Pablo & Jc hands holding the globe on the front of this card  & my other idea

was to be looking down into a snow globe of St Leonards from the view of angels, on the left hand Jc and on the right side Pablo..

St Leonards is full of Adults with strong will & all around this town is layered in darkness & I wanted to have that show on the globe

where I drew St Leonards.

It’s now December 2015 & even though there have been massive changes in St Leonards .

When this card is opened; It is the same message as 2012  ;

 I wanted it to show lots of different kinds of people who come to the office .I did the children as lots of scribbles under a bell

because I’m a perfectionist by nature  & if I drew individual kids there would be even more detail  & I wouldn’t ever of finished it so I

left it like this.

The kids are covered by Angel Wings which to me is the sense of protection and love that comes from everyone at Respond.

The bell is representing time and space, which you get in Respond & patience which is needed a lot wherever you go in & St

Leonards especially now a days

The chains represent shackles of damage & issues that lots of these vulnerable children & so called normal children bring with them

from childhood .Finally the warm glow of orange from the centre showing the comfort, potential & creative life changing opportunities

that they can always find at Respond. This Christmas card also portrays a legacy that no matter what Respond proves ;

Love & Light is the Key to working with children.

Until next time Merry Christmas. Artist Joe Bell

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