About Us 



Mission Statement 

Respond Academy will create a safe space where young people can come together across age racial and social spectrum in a pursuit of an aim in creative arts, music or the media. This will be supported by experts, teachers and peer trainers. We will deliver to young people who care about their futures and who want employment in jobs they want to do, in and around the Hastings and St Leonard's area.
  • Identify young people with talent and ambition and give them support and exposure for it
  • understanding for young people with emotional or behaviour difficulties
  • Mutual respect and team work
  • Every child has the ability to succeed
  • Deliver quality help and expertise to the young people, and bring in expertise if needed
  • provide creativity and activites for young people
  • Have a passion for the support, encouragement and development of young people
  • Respond Academy is not a youth club it is a place of work on route to paid employment.
  • Confront problems head on and then concentrate on the aims of the young person.
  • Equip young people with the skills to navigate through life's challenges

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